About AR2Tech

Unstructured Grid

Geomodeling & Uncertainty Analysis

AR2Tech provides state-of-the-art geostatistical technologies and services. We are experts in geostatistics, geomodeling, and spatial data integration.



Our geostatistical libraries are used, adapted, and embedded in the workflows of the largest energy, mining, and environment companies in the world. Because we have a specific focus on geostatistics, our proprietary algorithms work across a broad field of applications.



We offer proprietary and efficient geostatistical software and services. We understand the complexity of spatial integration and its utility in the decision chain. Our algorithms are designed to work across scales, gridding systems and with data that varies in density and quality.



We are technical people with a robust involvement in the geostatistical community. We monitor innovations with high deployment potential, and take an active role in developing new algorithms that meet the industrial demand for increasing complexity.

Who we are

AR2Tech was founded in 2010 by Alexandre Boucher, PhD. With his experience in mining, energy and environmental geostatistics, Dr. Boucher works across industry boundaries to develop and deploy the best suite of geostatistical tools.

Hervé Gross, PhD, a graduate from the Stanford Petroleum Engineering Department, with several years of reservoir engineering work experience, joined Dr. Boucher in 2013. Together, they combine their skills to provide solutions to the oil and gas, mining and environmental industries.

We target oil, mining and environmental industries — science, technology, engineering and mathematics is what we are about.