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Grpahical User Intergafe for AR2GEMS
Much more than a geostatistical library, AR2GEMS offers a state-of-the-art version of all foundational geostatistical algorithms, along with a user interface to test the power of these algorithms. AR2GEMS is our proprietary version of SGeMS where we actively develop the next generation of geostatistical algorithms.


Our clients need algorithms that off-the-shelf packages do not provide. We create specialized algorithms that can either be integrated into third-party solutions or used within our AR2GEMS front-end platform. We develop and implement powerful spatial data analysis packages tailored to custom specifications.


  • Loads and works on Cartesian grids, corner-point grids, unstructured grids
  • Loads well data in LAS format, or plain csv files
  • Exports properties in Eclipse or GSLIB compatible formats
  • Wide access to internal data structures with Python


  • Written in C++ for Windows, Unix, Mac OSX
  • Maximum computational performance
  • Thread-safe (parallel) computing capabilities
  • Designed to be a platform for future functionalities


  • Most GUI commands are scriptable
  • capabilities to access AR2GEMS objects
  • AR2GEMS extended with external Python libraries

About AR2Tech

Since 2010, AR2Tech offers geostatistics libraries and applications.

We provide cloud and server-based geostatistics for your geomodeling solutions.

Email: [email protected]

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