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Industrial applications

Turning spatial data into information,
and information into good decisions.

Science and lights

Advanced Resources and Risk Technologies offers tools and services to achieve a full and accurate integration of spatial information, from data processing to modeling and forecasting. Most of our clients are in the energy, mineral extraction or environmental industries, however our proprietary geostatistics libraries are applicable to a wide variety of industries. A sparse spatial data environment combined with capital-intensive and risky decisions are our ideal work environment.

Oil & Gas

Advanced Resources and Risk Technologies provides geostatistical expertise and custom analytical algorithms to geomodelers in oil and gas companies. While many software packages aim to offer an all-in-one solution, we believe in focusing one part of the geomodeling workflow: our goal is simply to deliver the most advanced geostatistical toolbox. Our solutions have been implemented by integrated oil companies that cannot afford to be limited by standard commercial solutions, and need to go beyond the mainstream geostatistical offer into custom-designed solutions.

We understand the role of geostatistics from data to performance forecasts, and we know how to build workflows designed for uncertainty quantification, stochastic history-matching, and field development optimization.

Superior geostatistical capabilities

There are advantages and limitations to existing modeling techniques, thus we work with our clients to select the most appropriate methods given the budget, deadline and internal capabilities. If a custom solution is preferred, we work to design, integrate, and manage your expert geostatistical toolbox.

We are technical people who actively participate in the geostatistical community. We monitor innovations with high deployment potential, and we take an active role in developing new algorithms that meet the industrial demand created by increasing complexity. We also believe that our best interest lies in empowering our clients, and allowing them to understand and use our tools with full confidence.

Oil and gas services
Generation of Training Image for MPS


Advanced Resources and Risk Technologies provides software and solutions for conditional simulations and estimation models of complex orebodies. We work with major mining companies to develop toolkits to standardize and optimize their resource estimation workflow. We go beyond the geostatistical algorithms offered in commercial packages, select and further customize the algorithms best-suited to specific deposits.

Advanced geostatistical tools for the mining industry

We have developed a proprietary suite of algorithms and utilities specific for mining applications such as contact analysis, downhole contamination analysis, twin holes analysis, change of support functionalities and grade-tonnage curves, plus several more. We also implemented efficient block simulation algorithm that allows the generation of large models efficiently.

  • Multivariate simulations on point or block support,
  • Simulation of geology with indicator or training images,
  • Customization of algorithms and automation,
  • Drill holes placement optimization.
Orebody modeling
Orebody contact simulation


Advanced Resources and Risk Technology understands the challenges inherent to environmental data and applications. We extract values out of data at hand and design schemes to optimizing the information value of current or future data acquisition. From a specific problem we design a customized workflow from data processing to spatial evaluation to meaningful risk assessment and then provide software applications to provide functional autonomy to our clients.
  • Stochastic simulation of subsurface for water modeling,
  • Sampling evaluation and strategy,
  • Integration of remote sensing data in geostatistical model,
  • Spatio-temporal monitoring,
  • Characterization of pollutant.
Geostatistics for environmental science
Calibrating block and data statistics

Working with us



AR2GEMS is designed to quickly bring new ideas to operations. We have internal R&D capabilities, and leverage technologies from universities and research institutes.



We offer custom geostatistical solutions and know the limitations of existing techniques. We find the best approach within budget, deadlines and capabilities.



Our best interest lies in empowering our clients. Our trainings are designed to understand and use our tools efficiently for your projects.